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About Us

DI Digital is the Danish ICT and Electronics Federation, under the Confederation of Danish Industries.
We represent companies in the IT, electronics, communications and telco industries - from dynamic entrepreneurs to leading global companies.

Board of Directors

DI Digital's board of directors consists of 20 CEO's and top leaders in the ICT and electronics industry.
Chairman: André Rogaczewski, CEO, Netcompany IT and Business Consulting

Digital Startups

DI Digitals network for digital startups adresses issues like funding, growth strategies, globalization and staffing and nurture exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between the members.

Join Us

Please contact us if you want to know more about your advantages as a member of DI Digital:
Secretary Fanny Marie Schmidt:
Phone: +45 3377 4643
E-mail: fmsc@di.dk

Our vision

DI Digital's vision is to increase the wealth and prosperity of Denmark through ambitious utilization of digital opportunities.

We work hard to:

  • Safeguard and strengthen our members' political and business interests.
  • Highlight digital transformation and create new opportunities for business development.
  • Inspire and foster networks, achieve political influence and ensure the best possible framework conditions for the industry.
Our publications

A source of inspiration for SMEs that want to embrace digitalisation and acquire new skills. It contains a collection of case studies of SMEs that were able to transform their business with digital technologies.

'Training for digital jobs' identifies the most sought after ICT job profiles, and analyses how the required competencies can be acquired. 

Presentation of a collective framework of methods, processes and techniques for how organisations will, in practice, move from industrial products to smart products by strengthened competencies within the development of embedded systems.

A study of the adoption of 'Internet of Things' among Danish companies.
We represent more than 300 technology companies
Our Key Issues