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Network for Digital Startups

The topic of this network meeting is "Key metrics: How to navigate your digital startups to success!"
This comming network meeting will be concerning key metrics, and how navigating after the right  - and wrong! - key metrics can affect your business.

The capacity and one of the “fathers” of Growth Hacking in Denmark, Founder and CEO at Simplesite Morten Elk will be joining us. A digital startup will also be sharing insight. 


Want to know more about the network?
Digital startups meet several common questions. Issues like funding, growth strategies, globalization, staffing and regulatory issues can take a lot of time away from the core activities of developing a superior product.

The network will address these issues and nurture exchange of knowledge, ideas and experiences between the members

When: The 1st of March 2018 at 4-6 pm

Where: Industriens Hus, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1787 København V

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