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Network for Digital Startups

The topic of this network meeting is "From Startup to Employer".

We will be joined by Pernille from the company “Projektlederen”. She will coach us on how to prepare to become employers – what is needed from a founder group perspective etc. The focus is personal and company development. 

We will also be joined by an attorney from DI Personale Jura - the unit I DI ready to help on all practical aspects related to employing people. Focus here will be practical and legal aspects – and how DI can help!

When: The 12th of June 2018

Where: Industriens Hus, H.C. Andersens Boulevard 18, 1787 København V

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Tlf: +45 3377 3909
Mobil: +45 2326 5985
E-mail: ansmdi.dk
PUBLICERET: 23-02-2018 OPDATERET: 13-06-2018